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Product Description

The AVN-GMCS is a PTPv2 grandmaster clock for use with AoIP applications. IEEE1588-2008 PTPv2 (precision time protocol) is used to synchronise all the nodes within a network. To achieve this one of the nodes must become the master clock and distribute time packets to the others. The AVN-GMCS is designed to perform this role simply and accurately, enabling sub micro second synchronisation between all nodes.

RAVENNA (of which AES67 is a subset) allows for the distribution of audio across a network. For this to be possible, each of the nodes needs to be time synchronised with one another. RAVENNA uses PTP time stamping to achieve this, which distributes the network time but also works out the latency involved in the delivery and adjusts the time at each node accordingly.
Unit configuration is achieved easily either with the front panel controls or the webserver, including the setup of the PTP profiles.

The AVN-GMCS supports the Default (RAVENNA), Media (AES67) and AES-R16-2016 (SMPTE-ST 2059-2 & AES67 compatible) profiles and has a ‘Custom’ profile page for you to define your own.
In normal operation, the unit has PTPv2 time stamping resolution to 8nsec. It uses a combination of a GPS receiver, a PLL (phase lock loop) and a specialist on-board clock device to create the precise, low jitter clock signals required to drive the physical transceiver’s time stamping circuitry, also providing holdover if the GPS signal is lost.

Category: Audio Over IP Products.

Product Function: Provides a PTP time synchronised clock for use with AoIP audio networks.

Typical Applications: Synchronise a PTP AoIP network, provide a GPS referenced signal via AES-3id, provide a master wordclock studio output or distribute a PPS reference frequency to T&M equipment.


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Additional Information


AES67/RAVENNA/AES-R16 compatible.

GPS satellites received indicator.

Master and slave sync modes.

8ns PTPv2 time stamping resolution.

Holdover drift <1ppm, with options for <0.01ppm & <0.0005ppm.

AES-3id, wordclock & variable PPS outputs.

Analogue master input.

Dual power supply inputs.

Front panel display.

GPS sync and power supply present LED indicators.

Real time clock for accurate date/time.

Responsive design Ethernet webserver and front panel control & configuration.

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