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Product Description

The C10 HD PLUS brings a unique combination of size, price and performance to the mid-scale broadcast console market. It combines the highest standards of reliability and performance for a wide range of on-air applications, with intelligently simplified design and operation, all in an exceptionally cost effective and compact package. The C10 offers proven robustness along with SSL’s renowned signal processing, in an intuitive user interface, designed for the smaller budget broadcast market.

Key Benefits

  1. Quality, features, power and robust reliability in a compact, highly affordable system
  2. Solves many broadcast and production challenges with operational features that simplify and/or automate key features
  3. Helps users of all skill levels deliver professional results with a simple, logical interface that is easy to operate
  4. Straightforward and cost effective to install with DSP processing built into the control surface
  5. A choice of fader configurations and a range of I/O options to suit a wide spectrum of applications and budgets
  6. Production Automation interface maximises productivity with full integration with newsroom automation
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Additional Information

Hardware architecture:

Frame sizes from 8+8 to 40+8 faders, with dual mains inlets and redundant PSUs
Embedded Blackrock processor core with RAID 1 SSD disk array, providing console control interface and self-healing audio processing
Cost option to upgrade to dual Blackrock processor cores, offering 1+1 redundancy for CPU, DSP, MADI I/O, SSD, and file system
4 MADI I/O ports offering up to 256 channel audio interfacing, with embedded control data for all SSL I/O solutions
Cost option to upgrade to 8 MADI I/O ports, offering up to 512 channel audio interfacing
Embedded Integration Computer providing secured network login for file management, SNMP and remote diagnostics
12 opto-isolated inputs and 12 contact closure outputs for general purpose interfacing (GPI/O)
Option to expand GPI/O via network controlled 24 or 48 channel 1U units
Production automation interface

DSP architecture:

160 full input channels, each with dedicated 4-band EQ, Comp/Lim, Alt. Input, Insert and Direct Output
16 dedicated mono Mix Minus buses with insert points, can be stereo-linked
8 dedicated mono Aux buses with insert points, can be stereo-linked
16 dedicated ASG buses, formatted as 8 x stereo or 2 x 5.1 & 2 x stereo, with inserts and comp/lim processing
12 dedicated PGM buses, formatted as 2 x stereo, 2 x 5.1, or 1 x 5.1 & 1 x stereo, with inserts, comp/lim, and LFE filters
64 Delay modules, 5.4 seconds each, assignable to input channels, Audio Sub Group (ASG) buses and PGM buses or used a standalone delay channels to feed monitoring and comms circuits
Independent stereo PFL and AFL monitoring
4 x 12 way external monitor source selectors (5.1/stereo)
16 mono direct inputs with level, on/off and AFL, can be linked for stereo/5.1 operation and can feed any and all console buses
2 communications mixes, each with 2 x stereo source selection, level, on/off, AFL, T/B and on-air mute logic
3 monitor buses, in 5.1, stereo and stereo/mono formats, with insert point, source selection, solo/mute, phase and level control
In-built 5.1 BLITS tone generator routes to all 5.1 format PGM, ASG, Channel and Utility Buses

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