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Product Description

JOCAVI has developed this acoustic diffusion panel by using non-linear convex shapes, based on a set of three ellipses which were later altered and optimised in order to achieve an oval shape with better angular diffusion coverage. The external raw material of this panel was selected out of some materials that have the fastest and most specific properties required for a diffuser with these characteristics. However, the ABS still has some advantages, namely UV protection, impact resistance and fire resistance M1. The DYNAMICFLOW’s interior is composed of a substance made of impregnated mineral fibres and textiles, which gives this product a specific mass and also contributes to its consistence. The back part consists of an even surface. Its shape adjusts to even surfaces. It can be used on “T” profile false ceilings or on walls, by using our glues or fastening materials.

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Manufactured with ABS.

Average diffusion: 0.61/m2 [>100Hz;<5KHz]

Fire-resistance: M1

100% recyclable

Package: 2 and 4 units

Installation: accessories included

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