Product Description


  • High-output, full-range 3-way loudspeaker system
  • 132dB sustained output
  • Wide dispersion at high frequencies, controlled at lowmids to reduce indoor reflections
  • Mid/High horn design provides optimized transducer loading and controlled dispersion
  • Patent-Pending 3″ diaphragm nitride-titanium compression driver with complex geometry phase plug and neodymium magnetic motor structure for higher output and lower distortion performance
  • Eight-inch midrange Transcoil driver with 3″ (76 mm) neodymium magnetic motor structure for increased control and output and decreased distortion and weight
  • Proprietary midrange heat dissipation system controls voice coil temperature, ensures high dynamics and extends transducer lifespans
  • Front-loaded, 15-inch mid-bass driver with 3.00″ (76 mm) voice coil assembly and ferrite magnetic motor structure
  • Professional, exterior-grade Baltic birch construction with wear-resistant polymer coating Proprietary corner and side handle designs for simplified handling and carrying
  • Acetal copolymer high impact, low friction feet allowing other cabinets lock-in and easy cabinet movement
  • Six internal corner and one back brace with M10 suspension points and side and top and bottom handles with M10 suspension points. A total of 17 suspension points are available for custom installation applications
  • Requires ESR3000 unit for control electronics and amplification


Intentionally designed for use in Theatres and Cultural Centers to provide the highest audio quality from single Column enclosures for stage sides and prosceniums for medium to larger venues

  • Fixed Installations
  • Music venues
  • Classical and opera concerts

Product code

  • KVV 987 245 – ESR215 – The Ultimate, Full Range, Large Scale System
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Additional Information

Max SPL Long-term


Max SPL Peak


-3dB Response

35Hz to 22kHz

-10dB Response

28Hz to 28kHz

Crossover Point

400Hz, 2.5kHz

High Horn Coverage Horizontal / Vertical

110° x 40°

High Frequency Amplifier Requirement

100W from ESR3000 Amplifier

Throat Exit Diameter / Diaphragm Size

1.4" / 3"

Mid Horn Coverage Horizontal / Vertical

110° x 40°

Rotatable Horn


Midrange Amplifier Requirement

200W from ESR3000 Amplifier

Acoustic Design

Front Loaded, Bass Reflex



Low Frequenzy Amplifier Requirement

1000W from ESR3000 Amplifier

Number of Drivers


Woofer Size / Voice Coil Diameter / Design

15" / 3" / Inside Outside

Diaphragm Material

Epoxy Reinforced Cellulose

Magnet Type


Speaker Input

Amphenol AP-6 male

Speaker Output

Cabinet Material

Baltic birch




"Orange peeled" Matt Black or any RAL


1515 mm (59.65")


470 mm (18.50")


500 mm (19.69")


71 kg (156.53lbs)

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