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Product Description

These headsets are delivered as a complete set consisting of: – the CCM 4VXP/4VP Lg compact microphone (a cardioid designed for extremely close pickup of speech) or the CCM 2S Lg (omni); both have a matte gray surface finish – the HBL, the connecting rod for the microphone, and a fixed-angle suspension – a foam popscreen B 5 – a pair of closed stereo headphones The HS 4VXS was developed in cooperation with the sound engineers of a TV station who sought the highest possible quality of sound even under the extreme conditions of Formula 1 motor races. A closed type of headphone was chosen to shield the wearer from surrounding noise; it was also chosen so that its size would accommodate the microphone. The microphone of the HS 4VXP/4VP offers a strong bass rolloff and a mild high-frequency boost. It is designed for lateral sound pickup at the shortest possible distance, i.e. directly in front of the speaker’s mouth. Proximity effect compensates for its low-frequency rolloff such that the microphone has an even frequency response for the person speaking, while background noise encounters the full response rolloff and is greatly reduced.

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