Product Description

The MM‑4XP self-powered miniature loudspeaker, with IntelligentDC technology, was designed for high-quality distributed systems.Housed in a compact aluminum enclosure, the MM‑4XP is especially suitable for installations involving space limitations and visibility concerns, such as fill and spot coverage, and hidden locations like chancel steps in houses of worship. Its flexible and easy-to-configure mounting options, as well as its ability to effortlessly reproduce both speech and music, make it an excellent choice for fixed applications, theatrical presentations (stage lip frontfill), and small portable systems for corporate AV.


MM-4XP Specifications


Operating Frequency Range: 120 Hz – 18 kHz

Frequency Response: 135 Hz – 17 kHz ±4 dB

Phase Response: 400 Hz – 20 kHz ±45°

Maximum Peak SPL: 113 dB

Dynamic Range: 100 dB


Horizontal: 80° (3 kHz – 14 kHz ±10°); 120° (below 2 kHz)

Vertical: 80° (3 kHz – 14 kHz ±10°); 120° (below 2 kHz)


Type: One 4” cone driver

Nominal Impedance: 4 Ω

Rear Panel

Audio/Power Connector:SwitchCraft EN3 5-pin male (two pins for 48 V DC power, three pins for balanced audio)

Power Wiring: Pin 1: DC power (–)

Pin 2: DC power (+)

Audio Wiring:Pin 3: Audio shield, chassis/earth
Pin 4: Audio (-)
Pin 5: Audio (+)

LED: Displays loudspeaker status

Audio Input

Type:Differential, electronically balanced

Maximum Common Mode Range: ±5 V DC

Input Impedance: 10 kΩ electronically balanced

DC Blocking: 4.8 Hz high pass

CMRR: <–60 dB, typically <–72 dB (200 Hz – 3 kHz)

RF Filter: Common mode: 616 kHz
Differential mode: 616 kHz

Nominal Input Sensitivity: –2.5 dBV (0.75 V rms, 1.00 V peak) continuous average is typically the onset of limiting for noise and music

Input Level:Audio source must be capable of producing +16 dBV (6.3 V rms, 9.0 V peak) into 600 Ω to produce the maximum peak SPL over the operating bandwidth of the loudspeaker


Type: Class-D

Output Power: 220 W (440 W peak)

THD, IM, TIM: <.02%

Load: 4 Ω

Cooling: Convection

DC Power

Safety Agency Rated Operating Range: 48 V DC

Current Draw: 0.7 A average; 2.2 A peak

Idle Current: 0.16 A rms

Maximum Long-Term Continuous Current (>10 sec): 0.7 A rms

Burst Current (<1 sec): 2.2 A rms

Maximum Instantaneous Peak Current: 2.35 A peak

Inrush Current: <7.0 A peak



MM-4XP Datasheet: mm-4xp_ds_b

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