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The OG3-FR is a next-generation 2RU high-density modular frame offering increased available user (net) power and enhanced Gigabit Ethernet control/monitoring in a high-capacity 20-slot format. (Maximum card capacity is determined by card model(s) installed and other factors. See 20-Slot Frame Card Capacity and Rear Modules on next page.) The frame’s lightweight construction and removable, heavy-duty hinged front door is designed for maximum durability. Long term reliability is assured with the front mounted cooling fans and optional redundant power supply.

The OG3-FR-CN offers the same Ethernet connectivity via DashBoard as our previous 8321-CN frame in addition to providing gigabit Ethernet networking which enhances present and future support of the openGear® remote control platform, and supports the DataSafe feature which allows faster swap-out of cards (with all card settings stored locally on the frame network card instead of on the card). A new front-panel LCD display shows a user-configured frame name, IP address, and status.

Separate forced-air cooling paths are provided for the card area and the power supply areas. An intelligent fan controller adjusts fan speed with changes in power supply loading and temperature.

The OG3-FR uses the same rear modules as our other 20-slot frame, allowing a seamless transition from an 8321 frame to the OG3-FR. These rear modules offer a broad selection for a flexible and wide array of interfaces such as BNC, twisted-pair audio, and fiber.

The OG3-FR can accommodate two power supply modules. Adding a second (optional) supply gives the frame full power redundancy.  Each power supply contains an independent cooling fan, status LED, and a front-mounted power switch. Optional SNMP support, for large scale monitoring implementation, is also available.

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Standard 300 Watt (user net) power supply with integral cooling
Gigabit Ethernet offers faster access to cards, with support for future platform enhancements
Two independent looping references internally routed to all user card slots
Independent card-based rear I/O modules flexibly support multiple interfaces, including coaxial, fiber, and 3-wire audio/control/comm interfaces. Wide array of rear I/O modules offer various connector break-outs, with high-density split rear modules allowing maximum 20-card per frame capacity.
Power switch/supplies accessible from the front of the frame
Separate power cords to each supply for power feed redundancy
Network Controller Card enables multiple copies of DashBoard™ for seamless remote setup, monitoring, and control.
Front-panel LCD display shows frame name, IP address, and status
Hinged, pull-away front door panel lowers to allow quick, easy card insertion
Remote control/monitoring via Ethernet using free DashBoard™ software, or optional OGCP-9000 remote control panel
Optional SNMP control and monitoring
Five year warranty

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