Product Description

PYRAMID® is a model that combines diffusion and absorption qualities it was devised for the acoustic music industry to enable different acoustic characteristics with the same aspect. This design was based on a quadratic format with flat absorption surfaces made of acoustic foam and on curved diffusion surfaces made of EPS which give it a superior balance, aural and visual performance. The original PYRAMID® (PYR060), made on EPS and Acoustic Foam combines hemispherical acoustical diffusion and absorption in the same panel, and therefore the most balanced element from ATP’s catalogue. There are two other options; PYR060F an absorbent made on Acoustic Foam and the PYR060E that is a diffusor made on EPS. These 3 options were designed to be applied, glued on walls and ceilings, on the modular or continuous applications, it is allowed to set on T-Ceilings as well.

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Additional Information

Average diffusion:

0.45/m [>100Hz;<5KHz].


0.75/m [>250Hz;<10KHz].

EPS Fire Reaction:

Euroclass E (NP EN 13501-1).

Self-extinguishable M1 fire

retardant acoustic foam.


3 units or 9 units.

Very easy to install.

with glue.

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