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Product Description


  • 4-way modular, rack mount 2500W Control and Amplification System for use specifically with ES Series modules
  • High Frequency, 100W, Class AB, push-pull, low intermodulation amplifier with transformer balanced outputs
  • Mid Frequency, 200W, Class AB, push-pull, low intermodulation amplifier with transformer balanced outputs
  • Mid Bass, 600W, high efficiency, current enhancing switching amplifier Subwoofer, 1600W, high efficiency, current enhancing switching amplifier
  • Complete, on board speaker management system including equalization, time alignment, crossover filters, amplifier overdrive protection, system set-up and output level controls
  • 20MHz sampling, digital delay alignment system setting new standards for audio performance and dramatically increasing phase response precision
  • AC soft start circuitry with ON/OFF AC breaker switch provides thorough power protection Setup provides selection and control of different subwoofer combinations
  • External Subwoofer output with independent internal and external Level control +/- 6dB
  • High Frequency control +/- 3dB for precise adjustment
  • Comprehensive front-to-back cooling system features chassis sealed PCB’s for improved reliability
  • Line Driver ready – rear mounted Input impedance selector provides selection of optimal input impedance when used with a KV2‘s LD4 Line Driver
  • Individual signal inserts for Mid/High, Internal Subwoofer, and External Subwoofer signal paths providing flexibility for insertion of signal processing or feeding from auxiliary sources as required
  • Includes cable kit with all speaker cables for a single stack ES system


Specifically designed as the amplification and control elements for the ES loudspeaker systems in a full rack mount module

  • Portable PA
  • Fixed installations
  • Bars and Nightclubs
  • Houses of Worship

Product code

  • KVV 987 062 – EPAK 2500R-115V
  • KVV 987 061 – EPAK 2500R-230V
  • KVV 987 181 – EPAK 2500R-250V
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More Info

Additional Information


High efficiency, Low frequency, Current-enhancing switch mode

Rated Continuous Power




Operating Bandwidth

20Hz to 130Hz

Input Sensitivity

1.0V RMS

Input Impedance

20kΩ (balanced) or 50Ω "Line Driver ready"

Speaker Output

AP6 (Mid-Hi), AP4 (Sub)

Power Connector

Neutrik PowerCon®

Operating Voltage Range

100 to 120V@60Hz, 205 to 240V@50Hz, 225 to 260V@50Hz

Recommended Amperage

20A 115V, 10A 230V, 10A 250V


177 mm (6.96")


481.4 mm (18.95")


415.4 mm (16.35")


30 kg (66lbs)

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