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Hx6 is our most advanced six-line digital Talkshow system. It features two high-performance digital hybrids and includes our famous Digital Dynamic EQ, noise gate, caller ducking, and acoustic echo cancellation. Works with POTS analog phone lines. Single-cable Ethernet hookup via Axia® Livewire® I/O, or choice of analog or AES/EBU I/O with one input and one output per hybrid, and one Program On-Hold input. Includes complimentary XScreen call-screening software from Broadcast Bionics.

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Telos 3rd-generation Adaptive Digital Hybrids

Telos Exclusive Feedback Reduction Functions

Send-to-Caller Processing: High-pass Filter, Frequency Shifter, AGC/Limiter, Program-on-Hold AGC/Limiter, Sample Rate Conversion (with AES option)

Receive-From-Caller Processing: High-pass “Hum” Filter, Smart AGC / Platform Leveler, Noise Gate, Telos DDEQ (Digital Dynamic Equalization) 3-band Adaptive Spectral Processor, Sample Rate Conversion (with AES option)

Analog Inputs

Send Analog Inputs: 2x

Program-on-Hold Analog Inputs: 1x

Connector: XLR Female, Pin 2 High (Active Balanced with Protection)

Input Level: Adjustable from -7 to +8 dBu (nominal)

Analog Clip Point: +21 dBu

Impedance: Bridging, > 10K Ohms

Analog-to-Digital Converter Resolution: 20 bits

Analog Outputs

Receive Analog Outputs: 2x

Connector: XLR Male, Pin 3 High

Output Level: Adjustable from -7 to +8 dBu (nominal)

Impedance: <50 ohms

Digital-to-Analog Converter Resolution: 24 bits

Headroom Before Clipping: 20 dB headroom above 4dBU nominal levels

Switch Matrix and Conferencing

Audio Routing and Switch: All Digital

Telephone Lines: 6

Hybrids: 2

Studio Inputs: 2

Studio Outputs: 2

Program-on-Hold: 1

Control Ports
Ethernet 100Base-T

Web server for configuration and software update

Telnet for command line control and diagnostics

Call Screening Interface server allows up to 8 instances of call-screening software to connect simultaneously

General purpose Input/Output

2x 15-pin D-sub with status outputs and control inputs

Control Interface

Up to 12 attached controllers (any mix of VSet6 phones, Console Controllers or screening software) via Ethernet connection

Power Supply

Type: Internal auto-ranging, 85–250 VAC auto-switching, 50–60 Hz

Power consumption: 14.2 Watts

Analog Telephone Connectivity

Universal interface for worldwide application

Programmable loop current

Programmable ring and disconnect signaling (loop drop or tone)

Programmable Flash time

Caller ID decoding using Bellcore 212 modem standard

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