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M 960 with omni-directional pattern The M 960 studio condenser microphone combines well-proven large diaphragm capsule technology with the latest in semiconductor circuit topology. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of professional and semi-professional users who demand the highest performance. The M 960 is ideally suited for miking applications in broadcast and sound studios. Applications include recordings outside the diffuse field distance during choir or orchestra performances, e.g. in concert halls, churches and theatres. The condenser capsule is designed for a diffuse field. It exhibits a presence boost in the 4 to 12 kHz range. The electronic impedance converter uses a newly perfected circuit topology. This design reduces the noise floor to an extremely low level while also raising the maximum output capability. As a result, this microphone has a clean, distortion-free sound over an extremely wide dynamic range. The M 960 is either mounted by means of the microphone stand holder MH 93.1, which is included or the optional swivel mount MH 93. If necessary the microphone stand holder can be exchanged for the elastic suspension EH 93 to further attenuate noise (in extreme situations). The M 960 connects to the microphone cable with a standard 3-pin XLR plug. Powering must be provided by an external 48 V phantom supply according to DIN EN 61938 and IEC 1938. The microphone is finished in dark bronze.

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Additional Information

Polar attern

Omni-directional for diffuse field

Acoustic oerating principle

Pressure transducer

Frequency range, free field

20…..20000 Hz

Sensitivity at 1kHz

16 mV/Pa

Output Impedance

100 Ω

Max SPL for THD < 0,5%

145 dB

Max.Out level

17 dBu

Output connector

3-pin XLR connector gold plated contacts


220 g


90 x 45 mm


Dark Bronze

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