Product Description

The MJF-210 low-profile high-power stage monitor reproduces audio faithfully with high intelligibility at high outputs levels with ample low-frequency headroom. The self-powered MJF-210 exceeds the stringent requirements of today’s touring applications, withstanding the rigors of road and stage while occupying a small, lightweight footprint and a fraction of the truck space of similar monitors requiring external amplification.

MJF-210 Specifications


Operating Frequency Range:55 Hz – 18 kHz
Frequency Response:60 Hz – 16 kHz ±4 dB
Phase Response:200 Hz – 16 kHz ±45°





830 Hz


Transducers:Two high-power 10” cone drivers

High Frequency:4” compression driver

Audio Input

Type:Differential, electronically balanced

Maximum Common Mode Range:±5 V DC

Connectors:XLR female input with XLR male loop output

Input Impedance:10 kΩ differential between pins 2 and 3

Wiring:Pin 1: Chassis/earth through 1 kΩ, 1000 pF, 15 V clamped network to
provide virtual ground lift at audio frequencies
Pin 2: Signal (+)
Pin 3: Signal (–)
Pin 4: RMS
Pin 5: RMS
Case: Earth ground and chassis

DC Blocking: Differential DC blocking up to the maximum common mode voltage

CMRR:>50 dB, typically 80 dB (50 Hz – 500 Hz)

RF Filter:Common mode: 425 kHz; Differential mode: 142 kHz

TIM Filter:Integral to signal processing (<80 kHz)

Nominal Input Sensitivity: 0.0 dBV (1.0 V rms, 1.4 V peak) continuous is typically the onset of
limiting for noise and music

Input Level: Audio source must be capable of producing +20 dBV (10 V rms,14 V peak)

into 600 Ω to produce the maximum peak SPL over the
operating bandwidth of the loudspeaker


Type: 3-channel, class D

THD, IM, TIM: <.02%

Cooling: Convection


Connector:powerCON 20 with loop output

Voltage Selection:Automatic, continuous from 90–265 V AC

Safety Agency Operating Range:100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Turn-on/Turn-off Points: 90 V AC turn-on, no turn-off Internal fuse-protection above 265 V AC

Current Draw: Idle Current: 0.26 A rms (115 V AC): 0.25 A rms (230 V AC); 0.28 A rms (100 V AC)

Maximum Long-Term Continuous Current (>10 sec): 1.8 A rms (115 V AC); 1.1 A rms (230 V AC); 2.6 A rms (100 V AC)

Burst Current (<1 sec): 5.1 A rms (115 V AC); 2.4 A rms (230 V AC); 6.5 A rms (100 V AC)

Maximum Instantaneous Peak Current: 5.0 A peak (115 V AC); 2.4 A peak (230 V AC); 6.3 A peak (100 V AC)

Inrush Current: 2.3 A peak (115 V AC); 1.2 A peak (230 V AC); 2.3 A peak (100 V AC)

RMS Network (Optional)

Equipped with 2-conductor, twisted-pair network, reporting all
amplifier operating parameters to host computer

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