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The RIPPLE was especially designed to have both absorption and diffusion features, balancing these two assets perfectly. It has a great diffusion pattern as well as very interesting and particular absorption characteristics. The RIPPLE is an essential product when you require a magnificent and controlled high-frequency sound, adding at the same time some absorption to the mid-range of the sound spectrum. The RIPPLE enables us to create uniform surfaces with a single model that softly absorbs the sound waves while maintaining the vivacity of the musical instruments’ harmonics, which is very important for live and recording mixing techniques. Thus, if you are looking for a superb sound in a room, without compromising absorption, you will certainly reach the required acoustics with this product, by adding a few pieces of low-frequency bass traps as well. The most suitable application areas for this product are: music studio rooms, piano and acoustic instruments rooms, live rooms in general, auditoriums, theatres as well as all the spaces that need specific care on sound intelligibility.

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Manufactured with ABS and high-quality fabric.
Average diffusion: 0.59/m2 [>100Hz;<5KHz].
NRC: 0.39/m2.
Package: 2 and 4 units.
Installation: accessories included.
Several colours available.

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