S1 Mixer

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Product Description

The S1 has an amazing feature set and offers a proper broadcast solution to community, educational and student radio stations that need a versatile, reliable radio broadcast mixer. It has a ‘no compromise on quality’ approach with excellent mic amps, comprehensive facilities & simple, reliable operation.

The Sonifex S1 mixer is a high performance compact, low cost, fixed format mixing console designed for on-air radio use. It can be fitted flush into a desk-top or can be rack-mounted by the addition of optional rack ears.

The rear connectivity panel can be rotated 90˚ onto the base of the unit providing easier connection to the unit when it is rack-mounted. It has an integral universal switch mode power supply, which uses an IEC inlet.

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Additional Information

Frequency Response

Mic Input: 40Hz to 20kHz –1dB, +0dB
Line Inputs: 20Hz to 20kHz –0.5dB, +0dB
RCA Inputs: 20Hz to 20kHz –0.5dB, +0dB

Noise (20Hz to 20kHz)

Mic Input E.I.N.: -130dB with 150Ω source.
Stereo Inputs -92dBu ref 0dB (fader down, no routing)
-91dBu (fader down, one channel routed)
-86 dBu (unity gain, one channel routed)
-83 dBu (unity gain, two channels routed)

Total Harmonic Distortion:

0.015% at 1kHz, 0dBu 0.015% at 10kHz, 0dBu

Analogue Inputs:

5 x Microphone XLR 3 pin sockets
2 x Mono line XLR 3 pin sockets
2 x Mono/stereo line combi XLR 3 pin sockets & 6.35mm stereo jack sockets
1 x Telco XLR 3 pin socket
5 x Stereo line pairs XLR 3 pin sockets
2 x Stere line pairs phono sockets
1 x Stereo cleanfeed pair XLR 3 pin sockets
1 x Stereo insert, 3.5mm jack socket

Digital Inputs:

2 x S/PDIF phono sockets,
2 x TOSLink optical connectors

Analogue Outputs:

2 x XLR 3 pin plug (balanced)
9-way ‘D’-type socket (balanced)
XLR 3 pin plug (balanced)
2 x XLR 3 pin plug (balanced)

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