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Product Description

We designed the V1S+LOLLI with the character and versatility of iconic pencil condensers in mind, while also utilizing modern technology & design to meet the demands of today’s recording professionals.

The V1S+LOLLI kit was created to be the most flexible and adaptable microphone kit in your locker. Eight small capsules (2 of each pattern) allow tonal variety on any number of sources, but we found them to be exceptionally well-suited for close-to-medium-range mic’ing of acoustic guitar, percussion, piano, and stringed instruments. (The wide cardioid capsule in particular deserves special mention here as our favorite, but each capsule has sources and situations in which it excels.)

A pair of (PATENT-PENDING) V34C “LOLLI” capsules add another level to your toolkit by coupling the smooth, lush sound of our custom-voiced V13 capsule with the precision and detail of the V1 microphone. The LOLLI excels in almost any recording situation, with vocals being of particular note.

After hundreds of hours of listening and testing exhaustive design variations with world-class engineers, we can confidently say that this microphone will exceed the performance of other pencil condenser microphones in its price range, and rival or exceed the performance of microphones costing several times more.



  • Transducer Type: Condenser
    Capsule Size (V34C) : 1.34″ / 34mm (dual-capsule)
    Diaphragm Size (V34C): 1.04″ / 26.4mm
    Capsule Diaphragms Thickness (V34C): 3µm
    Capsule Size (Small-Diaphragm): 0.87″/22mm
    Diaphragm Size (Small-Diaphragm): 0.78″ / 16mm
    Capsule Diaphragm Thickness (Small-Diaphragm): 4µm
    Electronics Type: Solid-state, transformer-balanced output
    Output Impedance: 200Ω
    Max SPL: 136dBA (0.5% THD @ 1000Hz)
    Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
    Equivalent Noise Level: <15dBA
    S/N Ratio: TBA
    Sensitivity: TBA
    Output Connector: Male XLR 3-pin, gold-plated
    High-Pass/Rolloff Switch: N/A
    Attenuation/Pad Switch: N/A
    Finish: Polished nickel trim / High-gloss Pinot Noir
    Weight (microphone): TBA
    Weight (in case): TBA
    Dimensions (microphone): TBA
    Dimensions (case): TBA
    Voltage Requirement: Phantom Power (+48V ideal)
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