Z/IPStream 9X/2

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Product Description

Based on the technology found in the popular Omnia.9 audio processor, 9X/2 is not simply a streaming processor-encoder, but a complete audio management system that will actually improve the flaws found in most recorded source material – both music and voice – as well as address the specific technical challenges of Internet distribution.

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System requirements

9X/2 will run on Windows XP or newer. Minimum requirements are Core 2 Duo, 512 MB RAM


A Core i7 2600 and 4 GB RAM comfortably runs 16 stereo processors with several encoders each

Supports multiple ASIO and WDM (Wave/Direct-Sound/Kernel Streaming) audio interfaces simultaneously. Input selection can be done on the fly

Simultaneous MP3/AAC/aacPlus/MP2/WMA encoding, compatible with Shoutcast, Icecast, Wowza, and Windows Media server

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